Former Spokesperson of the National Security Service start campaign hatred to the government and officials

Mogadishu- The former spokesperson of the National Security Ministry Mr, Abdiaziz Ali Ibrahim [Parliamentarian] been sack position he holds. And issued a statement of hatred of the government and the federal government of Somalia, The Somali people are tired of hatred ideology

Mr Abdiaziz Ibrahim Ali said the truth is that the account actually comes true, but that accountability is not a mouthpiece. What happened Saturday’s explosion was that the vehicles arrived at the gate of Somali Interior Ministry headquarters, Criticized government, and was very cautious every day, he said. Mr Ibrahim, he even makes jokes United Kindom looking after his family.

Speaking to the media, he added that there is always a doorbell banner that serves the public, and no one has been resigning from office. Meanwhile, the spokesman said the al-Shabab group is suffering from the Somali people, and they are conducting a series of bloody attacks in the city.
Lastly, the suicide bomber killed at least 20 people in the capital, Mogadishu, killing at least a dozen others. campaign hatred  Mr Abdiaziz Ali Ibrahim, The Somali people are tired  hatred ideology