Former Warlord Ali Mahdi warned of a return to destruction and civil war in Mogadishu

Photo/Somali Times/Former Warlord Ali Mahdi.

Former Somali President Ali Mahdi Mohamed in an exclusive interview with outlet media strongly about the difficult situation in the country, especially the election stalemate.

Former Warlord Ali Mahdi first warned of a return to destruction and civil war, and stressed the need for compromise. He also added that if the federal government does not hold a general election before February 8, what he called a disaster will happen.

“People, if they are equal, there will be disasters. I hope we do not reach that level,” said former President Ali Mahdi Mohamed. He added: “We hope the president will reconsider his mind and come up with good advisers to get the matter resolved. What can be done is an hour or two.”

Meanwhile, Ali Mahdi went on to discuss the government’s plans for the 2021 elections, in the absence of the Jubaland and Puntland administrations, which are still concerned about the country’s elections.

Ali Mahdi also underlined that if this step is taken, it will lead the country back to where it came from & to divide the nation. “If that happens, we will benefit from a Somali nation and a Somali name that day will end. Every man will return to his village and raise a flag and no one will be able to build a Somali nation at all in 1991. I know what I’ve been through,” Former Warlord Ali Mahdi said.

The ongoing, and now the country is in a critical stage of transition, and the differences between the election in 2021.