Chairman of the Independent Electoral Halimo Ibrahim says, ”Let’s form a Somalia’s government that is not ruled by foreigners. ”

Photo/Somali Times

”Somalia is not an independent country, it is ruled by foreigners. ”  

Halimo Ismail Ibrahim, the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission speaking at the 2021 Judicial Conference in Mogadishu today said that there is no one responsible for upholding the Constitution.

Chairman Halimo Ibrahim said the country had gone through various hardships until a draft constitution was drafted that needed to be completed, and that the work was being done by the agency in charge and not built.

Halima Ismail Ibrahim that the Constitution, which has been in place for some time, should be respected, but pointed out that it was necessary to establish a responsible institution to deal with disputes. “The constitution of the country is a draft but it must be respected. If we do not observe what it says, we will not move forward. There is no institution to protect the constitution. We are being stabbed if we do not have an agreement,” said Halimo Ibrahim.

Halimo Ismail Ibrahim went on to say, ”The states have a constitution and they are practicing it and they are right. There is a national constitution. Do you think the two constitutions are going somewhere?”

What we are in is a lie, a mistake & a crime, an old man to make a choice, this seat belongs to me and it should not be closed to me, what is being fought for is not to put that seat in the nation but to separate it to be held hostage.”

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission Halima Ibrahim said that this country needs a government that is not ruled by foreigners.