Forty six soldiers arrested in connection with Wednesday House session standoff

Mogadish – Forty-Six soldiers apprehended after they allegedly interrupted yesterday’s Lower House session, officials confirmed.Soldiers who mainly drowned from police and National Intelligence and Security Agency NISA were deployed into the Parliament building to disrupt the debate on the motion against Jawari,
Somali National Army Chief, Abdiweli Jama Gorod who spoke to media said several soldiers had been apprehended in connection with Wednesday’s House session disruption.
“The soldiers who entered the Parliament building with guns were arrested, the majority of them are now in our custody and We are still hunting remaining ones,” said Gorod.He noted that the army officials launched an investigation into allegations of armed force impersonation.


” We were informed that there were individuals who impersonated the forces and gained access to the House, We are probing it,” he confirmed.
A Police officer who asked anonymity as he was not authorized to talk to media,  that the number of the arrested soldiers were Forty six, the majority from the police department.” I can confirm the number of the officers arrested, 46 soldiers were detained, over twenty of them are police officers though several of the bodyguards of the House Speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari were included,” .
Asked about the allegations of the impersonation, the officer dispelled the report saying the forces stationed at the Parliament were all government soldiers.
” There were plain cloth officers but the majority of them were outside the building, yes there were few numbers of plainclothes officers inside the building, but I doubt if there was any individual who impersonated the forces to gain access into the Parliament,”