Jawari surrendered to Amisom security

Mogadishu – The political stand-off in Mogadishu surrounding Jawari’s impeachment reached a crescendo on Wednesday afternoon after Amisom troops have intervened with the security of Parliament.
Amisom troops were seen escorting House Speaker Mr Mohamed Osman Jawari and the 2nd Deputy Speaker Mahad Awad from the Parliament building after a raucous session nearly ended in armed confrontation.

Jawari and Awad met with Brigadier Paul Lokech, who heads the Ugandan contingent of AMISOM and a handful of MPs in Villa Hargeisa for a meeting on security.
Paul Lockech has said that Amisom will tighten security measures in and around Parliament until a full resolution is reached in the parliamentary motion.

– who said during the meeting that he left the frontlines battle with Al-Shabaab to mediate in the conflict – said that the political stalemate has stalled the peacebuilding mission.”Honourable Members of Parliament, you really know that we are here because there is an issue going on”…” the issue between Legislative and the arm of government which is Executive”.He reminded the lawmakers and House Speakers that their duty is to the Somali people. He also

“Somalia is bigger than all of us, you must put the interest of Somali’s first.”The meeting comes hours after security officials accused Jawari of “violating” parliamentary procedures by arriving with private armed guards.In a press conference, the Commander of Police, General Bashir Abdi Mohamed said that Jawari arrived with his own private “army” and entered Parliament. He said that they were his personal bodyguards, and his actions were intended to be a direct provocation.

Bashir said that he ordered security officers not to open saying it was a “moral obligation” to ensure that no lives were lost.The proponents of the motion have accused Jawari of intentionally hijacking the session with hired goons to avoid impeachment. Many of them have said that the police had refused to allow them inside the building. General Bashir said that they were left outside for their own personal safety.SNA special forces, as well as members of the Presidential Guard, were called into to secure the parliament and protect the lawmakers who were told to stay outside.

The Pro-Jawari campaign has said that the guards were necessary since Parliamentary police officers were dismissed last month and replaced with people believed to be President Mohamed and Prime Minister Kheyre. Supporters of the no-confidence motion said the police had refused to let them inside the building.It is highly unlikely vote against the speaker will still be held on Wednesday, some MPs have hinted that the motion will be tabled on Saturday, April 7th.