Historic day Somali Airspace full Control: 28 December 2017

the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo attended opening ceremony of the offices and equipment to control Somali airspace today December 28, 2017 here in Mogadishu,

It is great honour for us to witness such historic day where we regained our airspace control and management, it has not come by luck, but a lot efforts, Thanks to Allah and then to Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, his teammate as well as United Nations’ ICAO for securing and runing long time,” Mr. Farmajo said

The President added that his government’s commitment is to see Somalia in peace, prosperity, saying that fighting against corruption and changed former political ideology of conflict among government institutions.

Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation of the Federal Government, H.E, Mohamed Abdullahi Salad said that operators of the airspace and equipment are in here and the President observed it and listened to the operations on.