International community concerned genocide committed by warlord Muse Bihi and his SNM militia

File Photo Somali Times/Hargeisa SNM leaders massacring women and children

Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States have expressed concern over fighting in the northern Somalia region of Las Anod.

”They have destroyed the electricity system of the hospital, the oxygen system, the blood bank, the office of the human resources and other parts of the hospital building, killing women and children,” according to Somali Times.

The UN said last week that more than 185,000 people have fled their homes owing to the clashes, with aid workers struggling to respond to the situation due to inadequate resources.

Women and children accounted for an estimated 89 percent of the displaced population, the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a statement. Many were reportedly seeking shelter under trees or inside schools, which have been forced to shut.

UN human rights chief Volker Turk this month called on authorities to conduct a ‘credible and impartial investigation’ into the killing of women and children committed by warlords Muse Bihi and Mohamed Kahin, Nuh Ismail Tani.

Warlords Muse Bihi, Mohamed Kahin, Nuh Ismail Tani with their Hargeisa SNM militia are shelling, bombing hospitals, mosques and massacring women and children, examples of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Warlords Muse Bihi and Mohamed Kahin, Nuh Ismail Tani with their militia must be held accountable for massacring women, children and bombing Las Anod General Hospital. Crimes against humanity should have consequences.