Khaire’s candidacy could affect President Farmajo in two ways

Photo/Somali Times

Former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has announced his candidacy for the presidency of Somalia, which has been expected since he was ousted as prime minister. Hassan Ali Khaire was an active member of the ruling Peace and Life group, and political analysts in Somalia and the Horn of Africa are already showing the potential impact of this on President Farmajo.

Foreign Relations with Hassan Ali Khaire 

Former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire was not only a member of the current government, but also an active member of the Peace and Life group, and during his tenure he was heavily involved in foreign policy, seeking the support of the community. The world and the involvement of countries interested in Somali politics.

During his tenure he made many friends and was the closest official to the international community, in terms of members of the government, and was a close friend of governments such as the United States, Norway and the UK. Khaire can use this to gain support in the election, which could be lost to the president Farmajo.

Government data

The current leadership seems to be a little reluctant to hold timely elections, so the announcement of Hassan Ali Khaire could increase the pressure on the unresolved issue. Khaire knows something that not all other candidates know, and he can use that information to criticize the president. For example, if Hassan Sheikh says Farmajo of wanting an extension, he may not be trusted, but if Khaire says so, and says things that the president has said many people can believe.

It is also possible that Khaire is aware of the presidential election plan, although that is unlikely, so he can use it to win.