Lasanod residents protest against the Somaliland administration

Lasanod- Lasanod the capital of Sool Region, hosts a series of gatherings organized by the urban community.
Today’s demonstrations were held at the city’s biggest demonstration in the town of Sool, and expressed their opposition to the Somaliland administration, saying that the area was under the control of the local population and threatened key residents of the city.
The protesters were injured in the wounds, as was admitted to the Lasanod hospital with 8 people shot dead by the Somaliland forces opposed to the people’s attention and expressed opposition to it.In the last three
In the last three days, Lasanod has been detained by journalists, businessmen, women, youths and other suspects, who have been reported to be opposed to the presence of the Somaliland army in Sool region. One of those who demonstrate the · organised Region that will be deployed around the large uprising against the government, said that the fate of tolerance over sensitive to suppress the country longe recommended.