Sacking Somali Chief Justice refuses to vacate office

Sacking Somali Chief Justice Hassan Ibrahim Idle Sulayman has rebuffed his sacking by President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. Mr Sulayman, also the head of the Somali Supreme Court, said the presidential order issued on Sunday was unprocedural. “I respect the president, but this dismissal has not been processed through proper procedure,” insisted Chief Justice Sulayman.

“Therefore, I am going to remain in office until things are done properly,” he added. President Mohamed appointed Mr Bashe Yusuf Ahmed to replace Chief Justice Sulayman. “I hereby appoint Mr Bashe Yusuf Ahmed as the Chief Justice of Somalia’s High Court,” stated the president.

President underlined that he had to effect the change for the effective administration of justice. “This is in response to requests from our people for fair justice and in line with our pledge to provide transparent and equitable justice system,” noted President Mohamed in his decree.

Chief Justice Sulayman was appointed to the position in May 2016. former corrupt government, Hassan sheikh since president Mohamed since he took office Somalia is improvement fighting corruption president have the right to correct what need to be done justice system former chief justice he should respect president decision