Lawmakers approve new Somali prime minister Roble.

Photo/Somali Times

Somalia’s parliament has unanimously approved the appointment of Mohamed Hussein Roble as the country’s new prime minister on September 17, 2020. The meeting, which was attended by 215 members, was chaired by the speaker of parliament, Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdirahman, and was attended by his two deputies, Abdiweli Sheikh Ibrahim Mudey and Mahad Abdalla Awad.

The meeting was opened by Mursal, who read out the agenda and approved the new prime minister. After that, the speaker welcomed the speech of the President of Somalia, Mr. Mohamed Farmajo who gave a short speech at the Villa Hargeisa where the Somali parliament convened.

The president said the new prime minister was selected on the basis of his experience, knowledge and high patriotism, and then asked members of the Somali parliament to give him a vote of confidence. The vote of confidence in Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble began with a speech to the Assembly, in which he thanked and said he would address security, elections, the economy, justice, constitutional review and reconciliation.

He also promised to form a capable government that would take the country out of the current transition, and then asked for a vote. Lawmakers unanimously approved the prime minister, and a vote of confidence was given by all 215 lawmakers present at the meeting, the speaker of the Somali Federal Parliament announced.