Maersk Line to start serving to key Somali port

The Maersk Line, one of the largest shipping companies in the world, is expected to start serving to Somalia’s Mogadishu Port, according to the port’s authority on Saturday. In a statement, the Mogadishu Port Authority said Maersk Line, which serves over 130 countries around the world, would start working at the Mogadishu Port, without providing a specific date.

“The start of service by Denmark-based Maersk Line is the proof of our country’s growing economy and a clear sign of the world’s interest in working with Somalia,” it said. Hoping that this step would pave the way for other shipping companies in the world to work with Somalia, the authority said it was an opportunity for exporting goods abroad.

Mogadishu Port, which is a key for the country’s international trade, has been operated by Turkish company Albayrak Group since October 2014.

Source: Anadolu Agency