New Somali Chief of Justice today has been sworn in

Over the past few years, our people are talking about unfair, unfair, everyday things. We have done research on the problem and the real situation in the country. We have re-established the need for reforms, and that reform has started today, and we will be building the Office of Justice Service, “said President Mohamed.

The new Chief of the High Court Judge Bashir Yusuf Ahmed thanked the President of the federal Republic of Somalia, who requested the government and the people of Somalia to assist him in fulfilling his responsibilities. Speaking after the sworn-in,

Bashir said: “Finding an impartial, independent, neutral, impartial and impartial judiciary, is the basis for justice that is based on everything that affects human life. humanity. “If it improves, if it becomes a security and if it becomes an economic catalyst for all of us, it is essential to be fair and access to justice is a collective responsibility for every Somali citizen, and I am the first responsible person. it’s over. ”

President Mohamed praised the new governor for facilitating the appointment and called on the government to complete the establishment of the Judicial Service Commission which is a major contributor to the reform and transparency of the judiciary. The president also said he would name the Criminal Investigation and Complaints Commission working closely with the new Chief of the High Court. The committee, consisting of lawyers and religious scholars, is reviewing the disputed cases and sentences that have been incorrectly imposed by the judiciary.

The sworn-in ceremony of the Chairman of the High Court was also attended by the Chairman of the House of People’s Honorable Mohamed Mursal Sh. Mahmud Abdalla Awad, Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Mahdi Mohamed Guled , Minister of Justice Mr. Hassan Haji, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mr. Said Salah Ahmed Jama, Referees The Supreme Court, the National Prosecutor’s Office and the Police and Correctional Commissions.