Warlord Said Deni disappointed by lawmakers Jubaland and Puntland not voting for him

File Photo/Somali Times

Former Puntland State governor warlord Said Abdullahi Deni has expressed disappointment with lawmakers from the Jubaland and Puntland regional administrations, whom he has relied heavily.

According to Somali Times reporter in Mogadishu say, Said Deni has summoned lawmakers from the two regional administrations for a luncheon and to discuss Somalia’s presidential election, which is expected to take place on the 15th of this month.

The meeting, which was attended by 80 members of both houses of parliament from Jubbaland and Puntland, was attended by only 33 lawmakers, indicating that warlord Said Deni did not have the support of lawmakers from his two regional administrations.

Although only 33 lawmakers attended the meeting, it was uncertain whether all 33 would support Deni, with some likely attending lunch just to honor the invitation.

Lawmakers who refused to attend Said Deni’s luncheon have reportedly joined Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo, seeing Said Deni as a politician with little chance of being elected president of Somalia, sources confirmed to Somali Times.

Some lawmakers who spoke to Somali Times said warlord Said Deni destroying the Puntland regional administration and confronting various sections of Puntland society.

”How can it be that a politician who has failed to lead Puntland and instigated violence in his community to be trusted with the destiny of the entire Somali nation, the only thing I am sure of is that lawmakers are united to vote for Farmajo instead of Said Deni,” said one Puntland lawmaker who declined to be named.

According to political analysts, Said Deni is believed to have only 20-30% of the votes cast in Puntland and Jubaland, and no other votes have been reported so far.

If things go according to analysts and politicians, it is clear that Said Deni will be left out of the first round of the election which will not be a disappointment as he already knows he cannot go there.