President Farmajo is currently selling his second plan in Dhusamareb (Plan B). Which is time is running out.

Photo/Somali Times

Farmajo after the challenge of the extension two years.

Hopes for President Farmajo and the House of Representatives to extend the mandate of the Federal Government of Somalia are fading, with claims that the election has been postponed, in order to implement. One-person, one-vote system.

President Farmajo is in Dhusamareb for a fifth day, with many tasks awaiting him such as the appointment of a new prime minister and the formation of a new government. Today the Security Council is scheduled to information be included, and to stave off correction already took place blame thrown presidents of the regional meeting was not coming in that you cannot trust the president to resign following the steps taken by Central 2.

President Farmajo is currently selling his second plan in Dhusamareb (Plan B), which is, time is running out, to make it difficult for any candidate who wants to win a seat who needs to be prepared. Increase the number of cities in the run-up to the elections, so that some towns, such as Gedo, which is still deploying troops, and many nearby parliamentarians have lost their seats.

That the Electoral Commission be formed by the Federal Government only, with the regional governments witnessing and maintaining security. The above two points are likely to be agreed upon, but there will be serious problems with the Federal Government confining itself to the Federal Parliamentary Election Commission, and it is seen as a new system by President Farmajo trying to loot MPs to re-elect them. Can win.

Today, the much-anticipated Security Council meeting, in which United Nations Special Representative to Somalia James Swan will deliver a speech, will focus on elections and humanitarian assistance. Meanwhile, pressure still mounts on both sides of the Dhusamareb conference. The Dhusamareb faction has been told not to make a decision until the end of the conference, while the missing parties have been called upon to attend, and there are no indications yet that they will attend.