“Respect has to be earned ‘mate’! Don’t you forget that.”

For the attention of the new Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid from Somalia. I am very pleased you worked hard and made it to the top in Sheffield. I am very proud Sheffield gave you sanctuary at the age of five years, housed you, schooled you, fed and watered you, gave you hope and prospects. I am sure you are a very nice guy with good intentions, hip, cool and full of the joys of spring. You say you are a man of God, a Muslim, well let me tell you, Magid Magid, God has placed you in this position, firstly to prove to all that escape from danger and harm it is possible to make something of yourself. You are there as a prime example for these people and it is God’s intention that you now repay the good people of Sheffield who made it possible for you.

I was appalled that the Lord Mayor of Sheffield stood on a table in the City Hall posing like the ‘Prince of Bel Air’, huge chain around his neck, a stupid daft cap on the wrong way round, representing the city of Sheffield. A man, in my opinion, who is not worthy of this great honor, who has no respect for our customs, has no manners, no culture, and knows nothing of the people of Sheffield. You are abusing your privilege, ‘mate’. I say to you Magid Magid, get your feet off the table, put your hat on the right way, be thankful and grateful that these great people of Sheffield have given you the chance to better yourself, housed you, fed you, educated you.

Do something useful. You say you represent the youth of Sheffield. Start by supporting Shelter and the Cathedral Archer Project, brilliant organizations that go above and beyond duty to help others. Make it your first priority to get these young people off the streets, who tell me that due to the points system they fall below qualifying for homes and benefits, and due to the growing number of refugees in our city are pushed to the bottom of the queue. You of all people, a refugee, haven’t the right to ban anyone from this great city of Sheffield, especially not the President of the United States. Like him or not, he was appointed by the American people, our closest allies, friends, and helpers in difficult times.

And whether you are pro or against the head of our state, Her Majesty the Queen, she deserves at least a toast from you for over 64 years of loyal service, representing our land, people, and culture, and has brought in more revenue to this country than you can ever dream of. Furthermore Magid Magid, it’s a bloody good job my nan is dead, you would have had a good ‘cliparoundlugoil’ for standing on a table in my day ‘mate’.Set a good example to the youth of today, show them that respect, having good manners, sheer hard work and education are the keys to success. Stop being a ‘wasteman’ yourself, posing like an idiot. Do God’s work that he intended you to do, get the young people off the streets, fight to change the points system at the housing so that they may enjoy a home as the refugees do.


Don’t you forget that? Linda Mary Luke A Yorkshire lass born and bread on behalf of the forgotten, Kettwig, Germany broken society recent times I have seen several people on my way to and from Sheffield Station who is slumped over due to the effects of drug use. I am a little tearful today, having seen another. I know that giving them money won’t help. They will just give it to a dealer for another fix. The next time, their drug may be contaminated and result in an early death. This is another sign of a broken society. Such inequality. John C FowlerLeverton Gardens, S11End of the beginning?

These folk from Wessex Archaeology don’t mess about you know, as the JCB rat tats the concrete from the second trial trench at the same time in the initial one they are beavering about with trowels. You can see the polluted brick that like blackened stonework we ought to preserve as a look back to the city that George Orwell visited. The brown earthenware of a utility pipe has appeared sawn off in its prime perhaps. At this moment I am not in the position to claim like dear old JB Hemsworth to be ‘An Eye Witness To The Uncovering of

Sheffield Castle’ back in the 1920’s but it’s exciting enough for us to take photographs and savor the ‘end of the beginning’ as Churchill said of El Alamein. Of what you ask? The end of decades of civic indifference to the remains of Sheffield Castle. Watch this space and others. Ron Clayton(S6), On the site of Sheffield Castle, August 14, 2018If I’m ill I take a painkillerGetting into the doctors is a mare, we all know that. In the olden days, you went down at 8 am waited till it opened, then sat in the waiting room. The door would be locked at 10 am so those inside saw the

GP. I always liked that way. Now you ring and ring and ring until you eventually get through asking the same question, can I see a doctor, to get the same answer, is it urgent, (I am not medically trained how would I know), there are no appointments, doctor will have to phone you back later to do an assessment over the phone. I have stopped phoning now. If I feel ill I just take a painkiller, save all the hassle.GPs are paid very good money by the taxpayer. It would be nice if us taxpayers could see one now and again. Jayne Greyson Sheffield, S35The fruits of the earthen can only hope in these hard times for councils, having to cut payments to public services that the top people at town halls don’t have to give up their generous salaries, expenses, and chauffeur driven cars. That would mean they would be on the bread line like most of us. Who was it that said “the fruits of the earth belong to us all”, keep breathing.


Source: Sheffield, The Star