Said Deni raising funds for the Somalia 2026 election while he is governor of Puntland

File Photo/Somali Times

The Governor of Puntland Said Abdullahi Deni, who was re-elected as the Governor of Puntland earlier this year, is already starting preparations for the 2026 Somali elections.

Said Deni and his administration are entering two years of fundraising, to enter a tough challenge in the presidential election of Somalia, as confirmed by Somali Times sources close to Said Deni.

The information also shows that Deni is running for the office of the President of Somalia again and he has failed twice before, it is believed that he has paid a lot of money.

The previous election in Somalia and the election of the administration in January in which Said Deni was re-elected is believed to have already had a severe impact on the economy of the Puntland administration.

Deni’s plan to aspire to the top position of the federal government of Somalia is feared to bring the administration’s finances to the floor which has already been rejected.

These issues also come at a time when most of the projects implemented in Puntland are blocked by the central government after the conflict between Said Deni and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

However, Said Abdullahi Deni, who is described as a political activist, became the first person to be elected twice as the leader of the Puntland administration on the 8th of last month.

2026 is a long way to go and who knows if Said Deni will live to see Somalia 2026 election due to his health conditions.