Prime Minister Roble takes over talks federal election issues and foreign puppets Deni-Madobe

Photo/Somali Times

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, who once again addressed members of Parliament after approving his request the September 17 election agreement, handed over federal election issues to Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble in state and federal talks.

Farmajo instructed Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to extend an invitation to regional administration leaders to sign an agreement reached earlier on September 17 2020.

Farmajo reiterated his decision not to accept any changes to the terms of the September 17 agreement signed by President Mohamed Farmajo and regional administration leaders, which cast doubt on Roble’s ability to lead the meetings.

The Prime Minister is expected to chair the meeting and calls foreign puppets Said Abdullahi Deni and Ahmed Madobe, working for foreign actors from Kenya and United Arab Emirates which have a interest to control Somali resources according to Somali officials told Somali Times.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble will lead the preparation and implementation of the election and the security of the election, as well as the implementation of the election security plan, in accordance with the constitution, belongs to the government. ”I urge the government to prepare for this huge task,” Farmajo said.