The Minister Air Aviation with delegation travel to Turkey

Istanbul – The Minister of Transport and Air Transport of Somalia Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Salat “Omar” has Turkish Airlines’s Turkish Airlines flight headquarters in Istanbul.
Minister Oomaar is committed to re-establishing the name and honor of the Somali Airlines .
Mr Mohamoud Abdullahi Salad “Omar” and the delegation led by the Turkish Airlines CEO at the time, and Omar visited the Turkish Airlines companies.
Minister Omar and his delegation have been holding a press briefing at the Turkish Airlines companies during their visit and the minister visited the Turkish airlines.
The Minister of Transport and Air Transport of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Salat, told the media in Istanbul that he had a fruitful partnership with the Turkish Airlines CEO, who underlined that the visit of the company will help much.
Captain Aviation, one of the Somali Airlines’ airlines, said the Somali people will benefit from the return of Somali Airlines.
There are intensive efforts to target the two ministries, with the help of the Ministry of Transport and Roads, there is a lot of work to be done by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic.