Somali Lawmakers to take vote of confidence motion against the Jawari Speaker next Saturday

Mogadishu-Deputy Speaker of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament, Mr. Abdiweli Sh. Ibrahim Mudey said that the lawmakers will meet next Saturday 31st of March and then debate and take vote of the motion against the Speaker, Mr. Mohamed Sh. Osman Jawari, Mr. Mudey said in a statement issued today that the agenda is the motion and called for parliamentarians outside the country to return back home on Thursday, a day before the session is to be held.

This move seems to be the end of the conflict inside the house and it would be either two, Mr. Jawari would lose the vote of confidence end of Mr jawari

.Mr Mohamed Osman Jawari has publicly accused the Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire of orchestrating the impeachment vote and maintains that the PM spearheaded a ‘police raid’ on Parliament. He has vowed to stay on as the House Speaker- a post he has held since 2012 until he is voted out.