Somali PM Roble requests spy chief Fahad Yasin 48 hours to explain the death of Ikran Tahlil

Photo/Somali Times

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble spoke for the first time about Ikran Tahlil Farah’s case, saying the NISA report on her case was unsatisfactory.

Roble instructed Somali spy chief Fahad Yassin to submit a full report on Ikran’s case within 48 hours, and said he would take a decision later.

“I would like to inform the public that once I have completed the information I need, I will make the appropriate decision in this case and share it with all Somalis,” Roble said.

The prime minister said he had been following the case closely for two months and had asked NISA to provide more information. He described the report as ‘unfortunate’. He said they did not have any convincing evidence.

“I acknowledge that the improper handling of Ikran’s case has touched the hearts of the Somali people and created resentment that has led to the abduction of innocent citizens,” Roble said.