Somali presidential candidate using fake US dollars to bribe lawmakers

File Photo/Somali Times

Credible reports obtained by Somali Times say that counterfeit dollars have been introduced to bribe Somali lawmakers, which is intended to be used for the election of the new presidental election of Somalia.

The May 15th presidential election looming, candidates are campaigning hard to secure lawmakers’ votes at a hefty price.

Reliable sources, some of whom work with presidential candidates, told Somali Times that counterfeit dollar data was obtained from security sources who said it could be used for bribing lawmakers.

Somali Times has learned that more then four of the presidential candidates are bribing lawmakers buying votes to assassinate them in order to gain votes.

The parliamentary and national election commissions have not enacted a law prohibiting bribery of lawmakers, which has always been the norm. Somali lawmakers have a tradition receiving bribe from a candidate running for the presidency, while a self-confident candidate pays a lot of money to lawmakers, but it often happens that many candidates are paid and not voted.

Some lawmakers plan to demand the money be transferred to a bank account, but it is unclear whether they will allow the presidential candidates, as the money could have a track record.

Top corrupt politician using fake US dollars to bribe lawmakers

1- Corrupt Hassan Ali Khaire.

2- Corrupt Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

3-Warlord Said Abdullahi Deni.

4-Former founder Al-Shabab terror network Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

However, credible sources told Somali Times Somali presidential candidates are using fake US dollars to bribe lawmakers.

Somalia is most corrupted country in the world ranking number one.