Somali Prime Minister Meets UK Minister of State for Africa


Mogadishu- Somali Times Somali Prime Minister, HE Hassan Ali Khaire, welcomed the  UK Minister of State for Africa , Harriet Baldwin, to Mogadishu on her first mission.
Prime Minister Khaire and minister The Right Honourable Harriett Baldwin discussed the relationship between the two governments, the political and economic gains and the support of the British government in Somalia.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has reported to the government the progress made by the government, and thanked the British Government for its support and support for the people of Somalia and the government.

Harriet Baldwin commended the government for its reform of finance and policy, and reaffirmed that the British government is committed to supporting reforms, improving security, elections, and economic development to curb to improve the lives of the Somali people.
Harriet Baldwin’s visit was part of the plan to supplement the extra budgetary support of the British prime minister, Theresa May, to Somalia for the benefit of the African continent.