Somali Prime Minister Roble appoints committee to investigate youths fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

Photo/Somali Times

The Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has appointed a committee to investigate complaints from Somali parents who said they have not received any information from their children and said they have been sent to Eritrea for training.

The five-member committee is chaired by the Minister of Defense, Hassan Hussein Haji, includes the Commander of the Armed Forces and the Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia. The appointment comes amid renewed outcry from Somali parents who have complained that their children have been involved in the fighting in Ethiopia.

There have been recent reports of Somali forces fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, following a report by the United Nations Human Rights Council. Since then, Mogadishu has hosted large-scale protests by parents of missing children, who in recent days have been protesting in front of government offices.