Somali prime minister says SNM militia must withdraw from Las Anod

File Photo/Somali Times

The Prime Minister of the Government of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, has called for the troops occupying the city of Las Anod to withdraw SNM militia, so that the ceasefire announced can be implemented.

Prime Minister Hamza also called for a dialogue and to satisfy the people of Las Anod about their needs.

He called on the people of Las Anod to accept the ceasefire and prepare to come to the table of dialogue in peace.

Hamza said that it is not acceptable that the problem that happened in Hargeisa at that time should be done by their administration in the same place in the north of the country.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre described the problem in Las Anod as similar to the problem that happened in the city of Hargeisa in 1988, when the military government attacked, killed and displaced people.

”It is not possible after 35 years ago that the same northern Somali people see their regime bombing, killing and destroying Las Anod,” said Hamza.

Warlords Muse Bihi, Mohamed Kahin with their Hargeisa SNM militia are shelling, bombing hospitals, mosques and massacring women and children, examples of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Warlords Muse Bihi and Mohamed Kahin with their militia must be held accountable for massacring women, children and bombing Las Anod General Hospital. Crimes against humanity should have consequences.