Somali warlord Muse Bihi admitted killing women and children in Las Anod

File Photo/Somali Times

Somali warlord Muse Bihi Abdi Hargeisa SNM militia leader admitted killing women and children in Las Anod, in a speech he made today.

The international community has declared that it strongly condemns genocide committed by warlord Muse Bihi Abdi and the continuation of the war in Las Anod, which has caused deaths, injuries and also heavy destruction committed by warlord Muse Bihi.

Warlords Muse Bihi, Mohamed Kahin with their Hargeisa SNM militia are shelling, bombing hospitals, mosques and massacring women and children, examples of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Warlords Muse Bihi and Mohamed Kahin with their militia must be held accountable for massacring women, children and bombing Las Anod General Hospital. Crimes against humanity should have consequences.

The former president of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, spoke about the ongoing 12-day war in Las Anod Sool region, between Hargeisa SNM militia forces and SSC.

Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said that it is a great tragedy that the war is still going on in the city of Las Anod, which has caused various losses including death, injury, displacement and destruction of property.

”So while we are fulfilling our duty to stop and control the bloodshed of the Somali people, we are once again calling for an unconditional end to the fighting in Las Anod, we remind the Somali people and the international community of the most important lesson learned from the civil war that took place there.”

”The country of Somalia should not be forced to fight another tribe, and military force cannot be achieved for political purposes. The bloodshed of Somalis cannot be tolerated, what is happening in the city of Las Anod can be described as a crime against humanity, a violation of the rules by warlord Muse Bihi,” said Sheikh Sharif.

Sheikh Sharif, the former president of Somalia, also pointed out that the war is further alienating the people of brotherhood, and the result of the war is various losses and hatred that will lead the people to distance from each other, and he called for immediate action to be taken against all those who are part of the instigation of the war in Las Anod.