Somali State Minister of Agriculture was killed in Jowhar town.

Jowhar town, the administrative of Hir Shabelle region said that a minister was shot dead in the town. HirShabelle State Minister of Agriculture, Abdikadir Abukar Karani, was reportedly killed by gunmen as he left the lobby.

The newly appointed Minister Abdikadir Abukar Karani was assassinated in Kulmis neighborhood of Jowhar town. According to witnesses confirmed to Somali Times, The Minister was shot by unidentified armed with pistols who escaped the killing was carried out. HirShabelle Police arrived at the scene and immediately launched an operation to find the perpetrators.

HirShabelle Speaker of Parliament Sheikh Osman Barre Mohamed warned lawmakers and other government officials that Al-Shabaab could carry out attacks in HirShabelle State, and that they need to be extra vigilant.

Jowhar is the capital city of Hirshabelle state of Somalia. Jowhar is also the administrative capital of Middle Shabelle region of Somalia. Along with Baidoa, it used to form the joint administrative capital of the Transitional Federal Government, which it captured from the Islamic Courts Union.