Somalia: Al-Shabaab abducted 100 Children in Bakool

District governor of Bakool Ali Abdinur said the al-Shabaab militia has more than 100 children abducted in the district. Elas Garas Ali Abdirahim Iman, said the children of Al-Shabaab abducted aged  9-14 year olds.

Residents also said 60 children were taken from the school in Elas Garas village, al-Shabaab militia going to school in the area, and abducted all the boys in the class. People’s fear and anxiety are strongly expressed by Al-Shabaab some parents to escape with their children,

Tiyeeglow’s deputy chairman, said al-Shabaab’s intention is to teach children their negative thoughts, to use the bomber and battlefields against the government and the Somali people.
In the area, the Al-Shabaab militias are holding their children in a camp in Tiyeeglow, to persuade them to mislead the community.

Ms Medina, Mohammed Gedi, parents and children of the abductors said that the aim of Al-Shabab have to recruit and convince their parents that one blow, and applied to a terrorism to save the child.
She said Madina, when she came out of the kidnappings of her kidnapper,  children, left  Hungry is concern.

Hassan Adan Abdi, a member of the kidnapped children, told the media that if they had not been rescued from their children, al-Shabaab would use it to harm the Somali nation, such as the killing and bombings.

Al-Shabaab’s militant militants, as well as kidnapping children from the towns of Hudur in the Bakool region of Somalia, have ordered parents to bring their children to education in Baidoa, Mogadishu and other areas.
Al-Shabaab militants continue to kidnap children in the area, as people told us there, and people began to move out of their places of terror, leaving their moody and living assets so that they can safeguard their souls. -the leader