Somalia’s warlords Muse Bihi, Mohamed Kahin committed genocide in Las Anod

Credit Photo Facebook/Warlords Muse Bihi, Mohamed Kahin

Warlords Muse Bihi and Mohamed Kahin with their Hargeisa SNM militia are bombing mosques in Las Anod. Bombing houses of worship is a classic example of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Muse Bihi and Mohamed Kahin with their militia must be held accountable for massacring women, children and bombing Las Anod General Hospital. Crimes against humanity should have consequences.

Women and children in Las Anod General Hospital bombing yesterday by Muse Bihi, Mohamed Kahin and their militia are indeed crimes against humanity and need Human Rights Investigations.

Somalia: Chief Volker Türk urges investigation after scores killed in clashes between security forces and clan members in Las Anod, says UN Human Rights.

Las Anod residents have faced shelling for 5 days. US/UK are sponsoring one clan Hargeisa SNM militia leaders Muse Bihi and Mohamed Kahin destroying hospitals, killing men and raping women. Violations are increasing in Northern Somalia, according to Amnesty International reported.

In Las Anod they do not have basic things such as water, electricity or telecommunications. Muse Bihi and Mohamed Kahin with their Hargeisa SNM militia bombed the telecommunications and cut off the water and electricity.