Somalia appeals to UN Security Council for cessation of piracy operation

Somalia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Abukar Osman Bale, made the announcement at a UN Security Council meeting on the final phase of the anti-piracy resolution 2608 (2021) off the coast of Somalia.

Ambassador Abukar Bale stated that the Government of Somalia is requesting the repeal of the Anti-Piracy Security Council Resolution 2608 (2021), which expires March 3, 2022.

“I am pleased to share with you that we have put a lot of effort into our maritime patrol agency. With the establishment of the navy, to prevent international crime in our seas,” said Ambassador Abukar Bale.

Ambassador Bale called on the United Nations Security Council to end the three-day international anti-piracy operation in Somalia. He said the operation would no longer need to be renewed or modified, as it had achieved its objective almost 15 years later.

In December last year, the Security Council extended its anti-piracy operation in Somalia by three months, ending on the third of next month.