Somalia: Approval of 12 new ambassadors sparked clan debate in the cabinet

Photo/Somali Times

A Somali cabinet meeting in Somalia today is brought before 12 ambassadors to be approved, but downsized from a written list of the members said that more than one community. Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirazaq Council presented the list which contained the names of 12 members to the cabinet, which were approved.

According to information obtained by Somali Times, cabinet members from the South West have strongly opposed the vote, arguing that their appointments are not in line with the 4.5 clan power-sharing system.

“Mr. Prime Minister, I am submitting a proposal to appoint ambassadors to serve abroad, in order to further our diplomatic interests around the world. Mr. Prime Minister, I request you to approve the council,” the statement said. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was demanding approval for the ambassadors.

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, who chaired the meeting today, decided that the foreign minister should withdraw the list of members whose approval has created a debate in the council, and in line with the Somali clan power-sharing system.

The 12 members whose list has been reinstated are,

1 – Former National Prosecutor Ahmed Ali Dahir
2 – Abdulkadir Ahmed Khaire, former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
3 – Abshir Hassan Abshir, son of the former prime minister
4 – Liban Sheikh Mohomud
5 – Abdullahi Ahmed Jomo
6 – Ilyas Sheikh Omar Abukar
7 – Hassan Abdi Daud
8 – Sahra Hassan
9 – Salim Moo Hagi
10 – Ali Mohamed Mohamud
11 – Yonis Yasin Hashi
12 – Elmi Farah Nuur

These members are said to be mostly from the same community, which has led to the argument that their nominations are not in line with the country’s four point five point power system (4.5).