Somalia corrupt president takes over the office

Somalia corrupt president is starting his four-year term facing familiar top issues such as the country’s political divide and rising attacks by up al-Shabab terror network.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud faces a politically divided nation,

U.N.-authorized African Union Transition Mission in Somalia. Its mandate includes reducing the threat posed by al-Shabab and conducting a phased handover of security responsibilities to Somalia. ATMIS is expected to end its mission in 2024.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud was elected corrupt lawmakers in an indirect vote that ran over a year late, the process mired in political infighting that turned violent at times and sowed division in the Somali central government.

The inauguration ceremony of the new President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, is currently underway at Villa Somalia. The event attended by various dignitaries including the Speakers of both Houses, army commanders and other dignitaries.

The two presidents officially hand over power today after which Farmajo will vacate Villa Somalia where he has served for the past five years.

The newly re-elected President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud officially take over the leadership of the country today, after which he will begin the formation of his new government, starting with the appointment of a new Prime Minister.

This is an interesting event, and unlike previous events, the two men, one entering Villa Somalia and the other leaving, have already handed over the reins, following the 2017 election defeat of Hassan Sheikh who is now in the 2022 election. defeated Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and handed over power to him.