What is the difference of previous conference Somali leaders?

File Photo/Somali Times

The third day of the annual consultation between the national government and state governors, which seek elections from 2021. The sensitive meeting is a sign of optimism that the ongoing electoral talks will succeed.

The conference was different from previous ones and that it was now politically mature, there is a rapprochement between the parties attending the conference, and the atmosphere at the conference is very high.

”Negotiations for Somalia’s elections have been going on for years and have been held from time to time. The best hope is the current meeting. There is no national consensus and that conversation is over.” The prime minister Roble made a lot of efforts into meeting venues, offering a generating basis points, to go to elections in the Congress free and fair.

“He walks the path of good elections, the Prime Minister Roble takes the position that he seeks elections to lead the special interests and the implementation of political agreements in place,”

The statement comes as the election conference at the Afisyoni tent enters its third day, with the participation of the Somali prime minister, the governor of Benadir and the country’s five regional leaders, is expected to issue a statement, determining the 2021 elections.

According to our sources inside the conference which told Somali Times Jubaland-Puntland governors will reject any offers or agreements with other governors and the prime minister. Mr. Said Abdullahi Deni, Mr. Ahmed Madobe are known working for foreign agents such as the Kenyan and UAE Intelligence Agency.