Somalia election lawmakers receiving bribes

The Somali presidential election campaign has entered its last day before the election which will take place on Sunday. Candidates’ efforts to win seats have intensified, with lawmakers running among the strongest candidates, standing at the center of a particular candidate’s campaign.

The irony is that so far no candidate has paid, as usual, but it is likely to be paid tonight. So far, the race is led by Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Ali Khaire.

In addition to corrupt Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, the other candidates are expected to lose in the first round and Said Deni. Hassan Ali Khaire’s hopes are fading, as many lawmakers see the country’s leadership as unreliable given his record as corrupt prime minister.

According to our sources, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Sheikh Sharif are likely to face each other in the last round of elections, if nothing changes in the last few hours.

Although warlord Said Deni is believed to lose the first round, our sources say he has no hope of winning the presidency and his main goal is to negotiate his votes to sell black market to Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud. Said Deni is believed to be backing corrupt Hassan Sheikh, with whom he is close.

Former founder Al-Shabab terror network Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is widely believed to passes the first round and becomes one of the three candidates. However, Hassan Sheikh is expected to lose first round.

The situation is getting worse by the hour, and new alliances are being formed, which can change the situation very quickly, according to our sources lawmakers receiving bribes.