Somalia’s election lawmakers expect to recieve biggest bribes in history

The election was contested by 39 registered candidates, while the others withdrew after failing to meet the requirements set by the Presidential Election Commission.

The procedures and requirements for this year’s Somali presidential candidates included a $40,000 registration fee, the highest registration fee for a Somali presidential candidate ever in history.

The five candidates in the front row are; Mohamed Abdullah  Farmajo in office, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, Hassan Khaire and Said Deni.

1-Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo in office since 8 February 2017 backed by Qatari royal family and Turkish government both countries Turkey and Qatar are rebuilding Somalia since Farmajo took office and investing billions of dollars in Somalia.

2-Former corrupt Somalia prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire backed by Norway and other countries, according to sources Khaire also hold Norwegian citizenship and spending millions of dollars on social media. Somali Times obtained Khaire is offering more than 10 lawmakers for bribes each for $200000 to vote for him.

3-Former corrupt Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and his whole family stole more than $500 million in public funds. The time he was in office for 5 years he never paid civil servants, army forces, police and the whole ministry their wages, according to sources told Somali Times, Hassan Sheikh backed by United Arab Emirates and Kenya. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has dirty money to bribe lawmakers no one knows how much he is offering lawmakers.

4-Former founder Al-Shabab terror network Sheikh Sharif Ahmed backed by United Arab Emirates and Kenya. Sharif has 5 million dollars to play with. No one will elect him as former terrorist and no one knows how much bribes he is offering to lawmakers.

5-Corrupt Said Abdullahi Deni is a well known puppet of United Arab Emirates and Kenya. Deni is also a well known informant. UAE reject to back him because no one will elect him only Uhuru Kenyatta is backing him and Deni only has 20 lawmakers so his chances to be the Somali president is low.

Somalia is most corrupted country in the world ranking number one.