Somalia: Governor Said Deni becomes warlord

File Photo/Somali Times

Reports from the Bari region say that tensions are still high in Bosaso, the regional between Puntland governor warlord Said Deni and PSF officials. Residents told Somali Times that more fighting was reported in the town last night and this morning. Also say that some families have been displaced from their homes, amid growing fears of fighting.

The situation worsened when warlord Said Deni deployed more troops in Bosaso, while PSF forces formed a siege in the city center. On the other hand, there are increasing calls from both sides, and the Puntland administration, which has convened a meeting on the situation in Bosaso, has called for dialogue.

The crisis has been simmering for a week, with Said Deni removes the PSF director and appointing a new director. The PSF, trained by the United States and paid for by their salaries and equipment, is a special force dedicated to fighting all-Shabab and ISIS terrorist.

These developments and the turbulent situation in Puntland come at a time when the country is in a state of transition and elections are under intense debate.