Somalia is facing independence of President Hassan Sheikh and his cronies

Somali Times Photographer

Somalia president has failed to serve his people and the country

I have no doubt that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud is a hero who does not turn away from the fire, that what he does is right and he can defend it, and it is the biggest danger that the country can face that the President believes that it is right, no matter how wrong he is and how dodgy he is.

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Last night he appeared on a program called for a public meeting, and defended his foreign policy, the fight against Al-Shabab and the employment of his children.

It is true that the president’s children have the same rights as others in Somalia. The position he appointed his daughter Jihan Hassan Sheikh is a political position, which she did not compete for, and her father appointed, is the president setting an example of Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein who appointed their children to the positions than other unemployed Somali youth. The one who can hold that position and does not enter the competition, why should he answer. It is evident that President Hassan Sheikh gives Nepotism another meaning.

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Read: Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh history of corruption 2012-2017

The second plan of the lack of consultation with President Hassan is that the Al-Shabab war has left it a tribal one, the clans have been divided, the national forces have been disbanded, and it is not known how it will end.

The support given by the American forces to this airstrike war has completely stopped after a series of attacks targeting the Danab army and officers have been killed. Also, the Turkish government has stopped the airstrikes in the war against Al-Shabab, and the government’s budget support is now. When the warring communities began to defend themselves, the active people came out of their regions, and fear began, with consequences that have already been observed.

However, during the year that President Hassan Sheikh has been in office, it appears that the country is in darkness, which is long as he defends his pen based on bias and spoon-feeding.