Somalia president Hassan Sheikh leaves office 2026 will be the richest man in Africa

Somalia corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and his whole family in the past stealing Somalia public funds 10 September 2012 – 16 February 2017 more then $500 million according Somali officials told Somali Times. The time he was in office for 5 years he never paid civil servants, army forces, police and the whole ministry their wages.

Mr Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud was a teacher before he became the Somalia president and now he is a multimillionaire, owning properties in Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, Europe, Mauritius and around the world, according to Somali officials told Somali Times.

2022 In Somalia so we have a president that is worth more than the GDP of the country. Yet we have the worlds poorest population. When Hassan sheikh leaves office he’ll be the richest man in Africa, he is secretly amassing wealth for himself & his family.

There has been a growing trend of desperate African women being trafficked and exploited in Middle Eastern nations. African countries have issued warnings to the public after uncovering a human trafficking ring that entices young women in the Middle East under the premise of job opportunities.

According to the Global Slavery Index, there were an estimated 40.3 million people in modern slavery around the world in 2022, which is the main force behind human trafficking.

What has Hassan Sheikh done for Somalia?

Somalia president Hassan Sheikh got away selling Somali girls to Saudi Arabia seven years ago and planning to sell more.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud planning to sell more Somali girls to Saudi Arabia, UAE according to sources told Somali Times president Hassan Sheikh got away selling Somali girls to Saudi Arabia seven years ago and now he is planning to sell more to make profit on human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Somalis domestic work in Saudi Arabia after evidence of the torture, killing and rape of Somali maid went viral. Seven years ago Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud selling 2,000 Somali girls to Saudi Arabia. They often complain of being made to work long hours, unpaid wages and in some cases grave physical abuse and sexual abuse, Somali officials told Somali Times.