Somalia Puntland parliamentarian governor approval committee says Deni came with a long list of MPs

File Photo/Somali Times

The governor of the committee for the resolution of disputes and the approval of members of the Puntland parliament, Ishak Ahmed Hassan, called the announced list of the parliament illegal.

Governor Ishak said the Puntland president Said Deni openly interfering with the parliamentary list, which was the reason why he left the parliament building late last night, after he had a dispute with the members of the dispute committee.

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Governor Ishak said that the presidency came with a long list of MPs, which he said he refused to hold. He pointed out that the people who came to the presidency were not qualified to represent the destiny of Puntland.

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“The president came to us yesterday, we were shown a list that we don’t know. Of that list 70% were not people who went through the process. People with files were not. They were not people whose faces we know. This issue caused shock and controversy. Until last night there was a controversy. When the dispute ended, I as the governor said to myself, get out of the way to save Puntland. I didn’t want to hold a press conference and say I resigned,” said Governor Ishak.

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Ishak said that what the committee did was nothing and he was not satisfied. He said that Puntland needs to be saved from those who elected illegal MPs.

The statement of the chairman of the dispute resolution committee came as soon as the list of parliamentarians is going to be sworn in, and a large number of troops have been deployed to the parliament building.

It is not known what the opposition’s position will be, and they are currently going to a meeting behind closed doors, expecting to speak to the press soon.