Somalia’s political turmoil in Puntland led to the withdrawal of SSC-Khatumo state

The SSC-Khatumo clan leaders held a critical meeting yesterday in the city of Las Anod, the capital of Sool region.

The statement said that they will not participate in the elections in Puntland, saying that they will not select the 17 MPs they already had.

“We have decided that the 17 MPs will not be registered and will not participate in the Puntland elections. We have also decided that there will be no members present to be renewed, which means that there will be no members of parliament from Khatumo who will participate. Going into the Puntland elections, there is no more,” said the statement.

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They also said that they will not run for the post of president of Puntland regional government which was previously owned by the Dhulbahante community, but Ahmed Elmi Osman who is a politician from SSC-Khatumo was represented.

The current elections in Puntland, and this will result in 49 members of the parliament being included in the current elections, excluding Khatumo.

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“The impact of this issue on the election is a delay in the election that may not be held on time, and conflicts between the opposition and the government on how to approach the decision.” intelligence.”

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What does the Puntland parliament look like?

Apparently there is a change in the number of MPs in the Puntland parliament after the decision on the Khatumo.

Members of parliament are 66 members of parliament from all regions of Puntland, but it seems that now there will be only 49 members.

In addition to the fact that Sool and Buhodle have the largest number of one community in the Puntland parliament, they also have the second deputy speaker of the parliament who was usually a gentleman from Buhodle district.

The structure of Puntland which was agreed upon 25 years ago.

“What I think is that the decision should have been given time for all parties to be concerned, but it is important to respect the wishes of the people.

The political turmoil in Puntland

The system of power distribution in Punland is a process that is not clear anywhere, even in the constitution of that administration, how to divide the President, the deputy and the Speaker of the Parliament.

However, Sool often receives the Vice President, a number of ministers and directors of government ministries, and military commanders, which are not a small number.

According to the decision of clan leaders Khatumo, there is no one to represent them in Puntland and they have a separate administration.

Will the Puntland administration continue to work at SSC?

Puntland currently consists of 9 regions according to the constitution of the administration, namely, Mudug, Bari, Karkar, Haylan, Sanag, Ayn, Sool and Gardafu.

If the plan is implemented as decided by clan leaders Khatumo, it means that the Puntland administration cannot work in the regions currently claimed by Khatumo, namely Sool and Ayn.

“They will need time to move between Puntland and Khatumo and I think it is up to the new government that comes to Puntland and Khatumo Administration.”

Puntland is the first regional government born in Somalia which is part of the federal government of Somalia.

Puntland has now started the selection of MPs, and the administration has not given any response to the decision of the intellectuals.