Somalia says UN aviation regulator must stop intimidation its own airspace

The UN aviation regulator body has asked Somalia to postpone its plan of going ahead with an upgrade of its airspace noting the country had not met international standards mandatory for such transition.

In a letter dated December 16, 2021, the International Civil Aviation Organisation raised questions about Somalia’s ability to implement an upgrade of its airspace from Class G to A by January 27, 2022. Class G is the lowest in UN aviation regulator airspace categorization where flights are only provided with flight information services.

UN aviation regulator intimidation its own Somalia airspace, Somali government need to tell UN to leave Somalia’s airspace completely.

The UN aviation regulator there was a plan in 2017 for a conference in Mumbai, India to transfer Somalia’s airspace to other governments or private companies, but they failed. Somalia have qualified staff to provide Air Traffic Control Service.