Somalia: The main agenda of the 46th session of Puntland parliament.

Photo/Somali Times

The Regional Parliament of Puntland announced that the 46th session of Parliament will open on 15 June, with all members of Parliament informed.

The speaker of the Puntland Parliament, Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril, also shared it with MPs on the main agenda of the 46th session, including points similar to that of former Speaker Abdihakim Dhoobo Darod.

The agenda is the following: 1: Submitting any agreements reached with the Government of Puntland; 2: Accountability of the Government led by President Abdullahi Deni, 3: Completion and Approval of the Constitutional Court, 4: Approval of the authorities who require the protection of the House of Representatives and 5: The implementation of the recommendations of the Puntland Consultative Conference.

All items proposed are heavy, especially the delivery agreements and entered Puntland government and the accountability of the government, The speaker says this is part of the parliament’s work, and it is important to strengthen the government’s accountability.

Puntland in recent weeks there has been disputes between the leaders of the administration, most recently from President Deni and his deputy Ahmed Karaash.