Somalia: Warlord Said Deni defeated by Puntland security forces

Photo/Somali Times

Somalia state of Puntland Warlord Said Abdullahi Deni said he was ready for a peaceful solution of any kind and any agreement reached on the conflict in Bosaso. Warlord Said Deni was defeated by Puntland security forces lead by Gen. Mohamoud Osman Diyano.

Speaking at a press conference in Bosaso last night Deni said he regretted the suffering of the people and said he was never happy with the bloodshed.

Warlord Said Deni said that the situation is now beyond the reach of those who can resolve it, and called on the people of Puntland and all influential intellectuals to stand up for a solution to the conflict in Bosaso.

”I urge all communities not to look back at past mistakes, or past perspectives that do not seem to lead to a solution. Do not get tired. I’m sure it is in the interest of all of us,” said Deni.

Evil Aran Jaan leader Abdirahman Farole mastermind Bosaso said he was ready to listen to PSF officials who opposed the changes, saying there was no going back.

Deni’s remarks come amid suspicions that a ceasefire has been declared in Bossaso, where two days of fighting have erupted over the dismissal of the PSF director, Gen. Mohamoud Osman Diyano.

Warlord Said Deni was defeated by General Mohamoud Osman Diyano, losing the war and lost uncountable soldiers. Diyano brothers Asad and Mohamoud is unstoppable fire power.