The Somali government closes Aden Adde International Airport terminal used by foreign actors

The Somali government has closed the Movcon Terminal used by the United Nations, Amisom’s and Western embassies until further notice.

The decision was announced in an official letter from the Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was posted online. All incoming and outgoing flights are directed to use domestic, international and VIP terminals. at this time Movcon Terminal is close used by foreign actors.

Somali government over accusations of unauthorised use by travelers with no requisite documents and smuggling of ‘uncontrolled commodity’.

The decision was reported to Favori, the company that manages Aden Adde International Airport, the airport police, the airport’s unit Somali spy agency and the Immigration and Nationality Agency.

This is the first time such a decision has been made by the government, and it comes at a time when there is a rift between the Somali government and Amisom, which is rooted in the future of the Amisom mission.