Somalia’s Farmajo has more Hawiye community supporters than Roble

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo has more Hawiye community supporters than former prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, according to sources Hawiye community are clans Abgaal and Habar Gidir 87 percent Hawiye elder and clan leader fully support current President Mohamed Farmajo.

Mohamed Hussein Roble is Habar Gidir which the are not united the fought each other many times during civil war, Habar Gidir majority fully supporters Mohamed Farmajo.

According to sources Somali spy agency NISA said Mohamed Hussein Roble is an informant to foreign actors. Roble shared sensitive information which could damage Somalia sovereignty as independent country sources added Somalia may be a colony.

Somalis should support Somalia independence. Somalis should not be busy for themselves ideas clans civil war and killing themselves. This was colonization plans divided by rule want Somalis to fight each other. Somalis had this clan issues since 1884. This was setup by European colonization.

Somali Times have made contact with regional leaders Galmudug Hirshabelle and South West is fully supported current President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.