Somalia’s foreign interference in election 2021 and why?

Photo/Somali Times

Somalia’s 2020/2021 election campaign is in full swing in Somalia’s neighboring countries, and some governments are reportedly spending money to produce like-minded politicians to pursue their own interests tomorrow.

Politicians are campaigning in Qatar, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Kenya, and many politicians have traveled several times, some of whom have sent representatives to Somalia to meet with national leaders.

The United Arab Emirates and Kenya intend to oust President Farmajo from Villa Somalia and bring in like-minded politicians as Farmajo has been embroiled in a major political battle, while Qatar and Turkey are investing millions of dollars in Somalia to oust Farmajo. Keep it or bring it to someone else, if their first plan fails.

“The governments of Kenya and the United Arab Emirates have no  consensus, but they share the view that Farmajo should step down, while Qatar and Turkey agree that Farmajo should stay or bring in someone else. Both governments. ”Senior diplomat told Somali Times, a political scientist who knows the country well, Said Somalia is for sale. Foreign interference in election 2021.

“Is there a campaign going on in Mogadishu?

The election campaign has gone abroad and a politician who is always being pushed back by another government has nothing to do with this country.

Delegates from some Arab states in support of the current Somali leadership have arrived in Mogadishu, while others have left for their home countries. Some of the country’s former leaders are also in neighboring countries and most reports say they are holding meetings with their heads of state to win elections in Somalia.