Somalia’s government-run school teachers are complaining of not receiving salaries

Photo/Somali Times

Teachers in Somalia’s government-run schools are complaining about not receiving salaries for over several months. The teachers’ leaders told Somali Times that they have not received any payments in March so far and are not expecting any in the coming months.

The reason for not receiving teacher salaires of the Ministry of Education in late March announcing lockdown Coronavirus that the school year was due to be completed, due to Coronavirus. Teachers have said, “We have been told that the schools are closed and they did not pay,” the teachers told Somali Times, adding that the punishment for work did not stop them.

Dozens of teachers we also spoke to said, ‘Many efforts had failed to secure their rights and appealed to Somali government officials. It is a pity, Eid al-Fitr, the “Festival of Breaking the Fast” is close and we have not been paid for three months, as we are asking for our rights,” said many of the teachers who spoke to us.

Mogadishu and the regions across the country face difficult conditions and cannot dare to speak publicly to the media, due to their optimism about their work.

The Somali Ministry of Education has yet to comment.