Somalia’s Puntland opposition says Deni has declared a new conflict to stay in office

Somalia opposition of the Puntland administration today issued a press release accusing the president of Puntland, Said Deni, of declaring a new conflict in order to remain in power.

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The opposition said that President Deni had a meeting with Puntland military officials and instructed them to defend his desire for an extension period, saying that this could have negative consequences for President Said Deni’s responsibility.

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A statement issued by opposition politicians called on the military and their commanders to uphold the law, and they said that they would not lead Puntland to chaos and destruction.

President Deni said a day ago that he is committed to giving people and votes to the election. He called on the military to defend the election.

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Deni said that there is no one who has the power to stand in the way of the decision of the electoral commission which is scheduled for the elections to be held on February 25, 2024.

The electoral dispute between Deni and his opposition is feared to lead to a political crisis, as there is no one to separate the two sides.

On the other hand, a meeting in Garowe, some clan leaders, has not yet released any news. However, the division of Puntland’s identity is an obstacle to finding a solution to the election dispute.