Somaliland forces arrest the journalist, Abdirahman Keyse Tungub.

Facebook photo  Abdirahman Keyse Tungub


The Somaliland Police Force in the Lasanod town of Lasanod has arrested a journalist, Abdirahman Keyse Tungub, a Tvga Bulsha Office official.
Journalist Detained be justified to broadcast information about the riot against the presence lascanod of the government with the community through the microphone and asked about their views do not control the administration of the region, which is the public perception more likely to be in Somaliland leaving the region and welcome Puntland.
On the other hand, there are other journalists who are looking for police officers at the workplace and their homes to close down, which is intended to provide information on the public opinion on Somaliland’s involvement in the Sool Region.
Reports from the town of Lasanod have expressed concern over the arrest of the journalists and expressed their concern about the threats and harassment imposed by the Somaliland administration on journalists.