The case of 12 ambassadors who created a tribal debate in the cabinet for approval

File Photo/Somali Times

According to information obtained by Somali Times, the cabinet will hold a meeting on Thursday to be presented with the approval of 12 new ambassadors.

According to reliable sources in the Prime Minister’s office told Somali Times the list of new ambassadors who will be presented to the cabinet tomorrow for approval.

Last week on Thursday 7 January 2021, a list of 12 ambassadors was presented to the cabinet for approval, but was returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which initially submitted the list. Some ministers, especially those from the South West, have strongly opposed the approval of the list of ambassadors, arguing that it does not comply with Somalia’s 4.5 power-sharing system.

Prime Minister Roble decided at the meeting that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should withdraw the list of ambassadors, but on Thursday the ministry will present to the council a list of 12 new ambassadors, according to our sources.

The appointments came the ambassadors just a month President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s term in office ends, and are highly questionable. Many believe that the appointment of these new ambassadors is being used for political campaigns, as some of the members of the ambassadors are from some pro-federal states. If implemented, the appointment is expected to cost ambassadors to Russia, Pakistan, India, Kenya, the United States, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Sudan, who will lose their positions in Somalia’s power-sharing system.

It could take up to 60 days for their approval in the countries to which the new ambassadors will be sent.